The team at Rospardo MCT have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing composite structures and armour. Supplying design expertise and components all over the world from helicopters for South Africa, to body armour for Latvia.

We have a number of unique products, for example a spall liner system which uses natural phenolic resin system. This offers technical benefits as well as environmental ones, allowing parts over 3.2m wide to be produced (in principle as wide as the fabric can be woven) avoiding the limitations and costs of prepreg or film laminated products.

Have a look at some of our projects below to find out more…..

Case Studies:

14m Army Work Boat:

Contracted by MoD to design manufacture & certify an applique armour kit for their Army Work Boat.


  1. Concept design & presentation to Main Contractor
  2. Full Template kit of required protection area
  3. Phase 2 template kit (including modification made to template material)
  4. Production of Armour kit to modified templates including test & certification according to required threat.
  5. Dry fit, revise on site as necessary
  6. Revision of Armour Design Drawings to modified kit, sign off by Main Contractor
  7. Production of additional armour kits to signed off design

MAN Armoured Tilt Cab:

Contracted by coachbuilder to design an armoured protection cell for the driver / operator of a gold bullion lorry for a major securities company.


  1. Concept design, presentation of project to coachbuilder
  2. Creation of armour system to resist required threat – test & create report accordingly
  3. Deconstruction of entire CAB area
  4. Creation of required armour panels, dry fit according to CAD including Tilting Armoured Walkway System
  5. Sign off of design according to stated requirements

Blast & ballistic Protected Fast Erect Shelter

Contracted by security company to modify an existing Fast Erect Shelter system to incorporate resistance to Ballistic & Explosive attacks.


  1. Concept design, FEA analysis of structural loadings
  2. LS DYNA analysis of explosion resistance including on item analysis
  3. Production of custom interlock & heavy-duty CAM system for required threat resistance
  4. Test & certification, design sign off
  5. Manufacture of panels & trial fit of each system according to design

BVS10 Turret & Bar Armour Investigation

Additional armour systems supplied were not allowing full utilisation of the vehicles capabilities. We were asked to conceive a lighter turret & bar armour system to allow some of these capabilities to be re-enabled.

  1. Concept design, production & test of main armour system
  2. FEA analysis of new bar concept for stated operational loading
  3. LS Dyna analysis of explosion resistance of bar armour concept
  4. Supply of analysis to main contractor

Rotorcraft Cockpit Seat Analysis

Carried out analysis of fitment & crash resistance for possible supply into new aircraft

  1. Design of seat according to requirements
  2. Analysis of crash resistance requirements – proposal to meet these & main weight & structural criteria
  3. Creation of “Simulated Seat” including attenuation system for fitment trials
  4. Design, test & certification of armour system to meet Ballistic & Structural requirements


Supply of ballistic & structural components for CH47

  1. Re-creation of Ballistic & Structural design to meet legacy specifications
  2. Bespoke fabrics & resin systems
  3. Custom machined hard strike-face systems, custom moulded backing systems
  4. Test & Certification according to legacy specifications
  5. Manufacture & supply of multiple components into primary supply chain

Seat in QA Fitment Check

Design & Manufacture of rotorcraft armoured seat systems

  1. Creation of all designs, material specifications, test procedures & QA checking according to Prime Contractor requirements
  2. Test & Certification of main armour materials & seats according to requirements
  3. Manufacture multiple sets according to requirements achieving self certification & “Gold Supplier Status”
  4. Engagement for future systems supply

Tile Thickness Variation Analysis

  1. Examination into Tile Thickness variation using consistent test backings
  2. Manufacture & test multiple test tokens
  3. Create test report – send to ceramics supplier
  4. Engage supplier in discussions to supply manufacturable ceramics to ensure minimum performance requirements are exceeded consistently
  5. Re-Do Tests to ensure consistent performance